How It Works

What is SnapCab? A patented system of interlocking panels designed to make your remodel, modernization or new installation project a…snap. The panels (layers) simply stack one on top of the other, and installation can be completed inside of a day, including demolition and installing a new ceiling.

SnapCab works with all elevator cabs and offers maximum convenience, full compliance, superior design, top quality materials – and a price that you will find as appealing as their new interior.

SnapCab Installation: Done in a Day

1. Reveals

Available in satin stainless, satin bronze or black, reveals are the first part of the interior to install.


2. Toe Kicks

Toe kicks (layer 1) set the groundwork for the rest of the panels, and play a key role in ventilation. SnapCab installation starts at the bottom and works its way up.


3. Panel Binders

Any visible panel edges near doors are protected with angled panel binders to deflect any objects that may otherwise cause damage.


4. Interlocking Panels

The patented joints on SnapCab’s panels change everything – and make the installation of each layer a snap. No clips needed!


5. Pre-Installed Handrails

All handrails and bumpers come pre-installed to save time – and money – on the install.


6. Top Cap

Our top cap allows for code required ventilation, and features an integrated pad hook channel, which eliminates the visual nuisance and added cost of pad buttons.


7. Economy Ceiling

Our Economy Ceiling can be installed quickly, easily, and safely. SnapCab offers six ceilings, with plenty of options.


8. Protection Pads

Our standard protection pads, provided by Palmer Pads, come with an integrated pad hook. Quickly hang and secure pads by placing the hooks in the top cap channel.


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