Corning and the Elevator Industry: Innovation and Collaboration

SnapCab Pure elevator with white Gorilla® glass and matte black accents

Innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it needs air – collaboration, new perspectives, fresh ideas – to grow and thrive. Corning Incorporated embodies this belief; they have not only revolutionized entire industries, they’ve created them. From developing the first light bulb to supplying NASA with shuttle windows, Corning reinvents and evolves – relentlessly. And now they’ve set their sights on the elevator industry.

Gorilla Glass: Coming to an Elevator Near You

In February 2014, Corning® announced a new agreement: Corning’s ground-breaking Gorilla® Glass would be used in select elevator interior systems. Haven’t heard of Gorilla Glass? Look at your phone or tablet. Chances are it’s protected by this thin, lightweight glass.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is used on more than 3 billion devices and 40 major brands.

Gorilla Glass in Elevators

So – what does this have to do with elevators? A lot. Corning extended the many benefits of this glass from the world of consumer electronics to the world of elevators. Gorilla Glass offers the following attributes:

  • Light weight. Gorilla Glass is designed to be incredibly light. Since weight is a significant concern when renovating elevator interiors, this glass is a perfect fit. It can help architects and customers achieve the look they want (e.g. stone or wood) without the weight.
  • Durability.Gorilla Glass is made to be tough enough to withstand every day wear and tear. When used on elevator interiors, it provides a scratch resistant covering that draws to the surface the beauty and elegance of the materials beneath it.
  • Versatility. Gorilla Glass allows for “true color” – whites are white, colors are accurate and vibrant. This extends the design options exponentially to include panels that look like wood or stone, or which contain a variety of graphic options. (And if a panel is damaged, it can simply be reprinted and replaced, saving customers time and money).
  • Ease and convenience. Panels made with Gorilla Glass are easy to clean and maintain.

Working with Corning

Corning is always searching for ways to innovate and expand their capabilities. When seeking out elevator companies with which they could pursue new market opportunities, they looked for companies that had modular systems, high quality standards, and with which it would be easy to work.

Though Corning typically collaborates with bigger companies, here, they needed speed, agility, and flexibility. They found it in select manufacturers who create innovative – and simple – modular systems and adhere to Lean Manufacturing practices (which are designed to improve quality while reducing time and cost).

Corning holds itself to rigorous standards; they need collaborators who can maintain the quality for which Gorilla Glass is renowned. And they need elevator interior companies that can deliver – on time, on budget, all the time. In return, these interior companies are able to offer an exclusive, world class material to their customers.

Through these strategic collaborations, Corning brings its long history of innovation and exceptional results to elevator interiors. Corning® Gorilla® Glass offers unmatched quality, optimal aesthetics, and greater design freedom and choice – a true win for customers and every person who uses their elevators.

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