Building Solutions For A World-Class Innovator: CETC’s Media Wall

SnapCab example of a media wall by client Corning Media picturing a lake and trees on panel with Corning logo

For over 165 years, Corning has seamlessly blended innovation and practicality. From products that facilitate automotive emissions control and allow the harnessing of lithium energy to bendable optic fiber and damage-resistant glass, Corning has advanced science – and improved the quality of life for countless people. Creating world-changing technology is what they do best.

When it came to showcasing the ingenuity of the Corning European Technology Center (CETC), nothing but the most innovative solutions would do.

Welcome to Fountainbleu

CETC is located in Fountainbleu, France. The city, famous for its legendary forest and the royal Chateau de Fountainbleu, is also home to institutions of higher learning and technology-based companies. In this setting, Corning puts best-in-class research, development, and engineering to work.

Corning needed something unique for the CETC facility. Something that captures the imagination of clients as resoundingly as their technology does. How about a media wall that integrates technology and aligns perfectly with the Corning brand? The perfect answer.

SnapCab Goes to France

Among Corning’s many revolutionary products is Gorilla® Glass. Used by 40 major brands in over 3 billion devices, this technology has changed how people interact with their smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, and even the buildings in which they live and work.

Gorilla® Glass is both the inspiration and the focal point of CETC’s new media wall. Measuring about 15 feet by 8 feet, the wall features the durable, optically clear glass. A nature scene is printed onto the back of the glass; with the color and clarity, it is as if you are looking at the landscape in person.

Additionally, the wall features audio and video capability that bring Corning’s research, processes, and products to life.

Clients from all over Europe travel to the CETC to experience the latest and greatest in technology. The media wall serves to engage them and offer greater insight into the Corning culture of innovation. With advanced features built right into the panels, the effect is as seamless as it is engaging.

With the development of Gorilla® Glass, Corning not only revolutionized smartphones and tablets; they paved the way for greater flexibility and freedom in elevators, lobbies, reception areas, media walls, conference rooms, and more. The lightweight, extremely durable glass empowers architects to realize their design intent with ease – and, most importantly, with stellar results.