Gorilla Glass in SnapCab Pods

We understand that different spaces have unique needs. That’s why we designed our SnapCab® Pods with multiple design materials in mind. Your Pod’s walls will be its focal point, providing utility and aesthetic value. During the design process, you can ask us to create your Pod’s wall panels using Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Find out why customers opt for Gorilla Glass in their Pod designs and if it will work for you.


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Why Choose Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass wall panels offer benefits such as:

  • A high-end finish: Our Gorilla Glass panels can come with their original high gloss shine or anti-glare (matte) finish.
  • Limitless creative freedom: Thanks to its ultrathin design and optical clarity, Gorilla Glass can achieve just about any creative vision. Solid colors come in their true forms, so you get the brightest whites and darkest blacks possible. We use only high-definition gigapixel pictures for custom-printed images, so there’s no need to worry about a blurry result. You get to dictate the mood of your Pod to increase productivity, enhance relaxation or impress visitors.
  • The latest in technology: Developers of modern smartphones trust Gorilla Glass to keep delicate electronics safe. The panels we use were created with architecture in mind, so you can rely on Gorilla Glass to offer incredibly durable wall paneling. Gorilla Glass lets us implement the latest in creative design, such as panoramic printed images.
  • Modular design: Like every other part of our SnapCab Pods, Gorilla Glass wall panels are easy to install or replace. If you start with laminate panels and decide to upgrade to Gorilla Glass, you don’t have to break the whole Pod down. When you get new branding or have a fresh idea for your Pod, you can replace one panel or switch them all.
  • Easy upkeep: You can take care of your Gorilla Glass wall paneling like you would any other type of glass. Using a soft cloth and a nonabrasive glass cleaner, gently wipe down the wall panels to keep them pristine.

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Solid/Whiteboard Gorilla Glass

You can mix and match solid-color Gorilla Glass panels to create the exact look you desire. Gorilla Glass’s design lets us provide you with the clearest colors possible. Choose a Pantone color, and we’ll print it true to the original. Choose between a gloss and matte finish to further customize your Pod’s appearance.

The variety of colors Gorilla Glass can come in also gives you freedom over your space’s utility. White Gorilla Glass panels make the perfect whiteboard surface for diagrams, notes and ideas.

Upper Interior Panels

Laminate (Natural Cane, naturelle)

Lower Interior Panels

Laminate (Natural Cane, naturelle)

Upper Back Wall Interior Panels

Gorilla® Glass (Bright White, gloss)

Exterior Panels

Laminate (Natural Cane, naturelle)

Gigapixel Landscapes

In addition to clear solid colors, Gorilla Glass allows for crisp, high-definition images. Choose from our library of beautiful images. Printed landscapes by Avision Photography create an immersive retreat.

Upper Interior Panels

Gorilla® Glass (Stanley Sunset, gloss)

Lower Interior Panels

Laminate (Pepperdust, matte)

Exterior Panels

Laminate (White, high gloss)

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