Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase wall panels directly from SnapCab? Back to Top
For elevator interiors, we only supply material to licensed elevator professionals to install.
What do I need to provide to order SnapCab interiors? Back to Top
For an elevator, you’ll need an order form, signed quote with the finishes you’ve selected, purchase order, and, if necessary, approval drawings. Pictures are always helpful.
Do I need to complete the last page of the elevator interior survey form? Back to Top
Please do. This form is designed as a crosscheck of your project specs to ensure your order is produced accurately.
Does SnapCab supply flooring? Back to Top
No, we don’t. You can save time and money by having the flooring done by the same contractor/provider who is installing flooring in other areas of your building.
Does SnapCab supply materials for the front of the elevator?Back to Top
Most of the time, the front – or cladding – can be refurbished and retained, saving you time and money. If it does need to be replaced, you can opt for SnapCab paneling or a local metal vendor can replace it.
Does SnapCab supply elevator cab shells or doors? Back to Top
We do not, but we’ll work with your elevator maintenance company to meet your needs.
How do I order a replacement part for my existing SnapCab interior? Back to Top
Just give us a call. We keep all of your project information on file and can easily process a replacement.
The crate(s) I received were damaged in shipment. What should I do? Back to Top
Note the damage on the bill of lading. Then, either open the crate(s) and inspect with the driver present or, if the damage is extensive, reject the whole shipment. Be sure to call your project manager ASAP.