Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find existing SnapCab interiors in my area? Back to Top
Take a look at the SnapCab interactive map that shows installations across North America.
How do I install a SnapCab interior? Back to Top
The system is a Snap to install. Visit our Resources page for installation manuals and videos.
Does SnapCab install interiors in my area? Back to Top
Yes! We do installations all over the country in conjunction with certified partners in your area. Check out our Installation Map. Contact your interior specialist for more information.
Can building owners install SnapCab elevator interiors? Back to Top
No. For safety reasons, it’s best left to licensed elevator professionals.
How long will it take to install a new SnapCab interior? Back to Top
One day, and your elevator interior is done. Usually, it takes 4 hours for demolition and prep-work, 2 hours to install the wall panels, and 2 hours to install the ceiling.
Can you recommend an elevator company that can supply and install a SnapCab elevator interior? Back to Top
Yes. We work with all major elevator companies, as well as various independent organizations. If you have a service agreement with an elevator company, try them first. If not, we can make great recommendations. Just contact your interior specialist.
How do I care for my SnapCab wall paneling? Back to Top
Refer to our Use and Care Guide to learn how to properly maintain your wall paneling.