Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find your standard wall panel designs? Back to Top
Browse our showroom for ideas and inspiration. Don’t see what you want? Give us a call; talk to an interior specialist in your area.
Can I modify your standard wall panel designs? Back to Top
Yes — We can help you do that. Work with your interior specialist to bring your vision to life.
Can SnapCab help me design a new wall panel interior? Back to Top
Absolutely. Leveraging our design capabilities and SketchUp program, we can help you design wall panel systems that work for you. Start with a design session.
My elevator ceiling does not need replacing. Can I just upgrade the wall panels? Back to Top
Yes, you can. You may also just order a replacement ceiling if the project does not require new wall panels.
How much does a SnapCab elevator interior weigh? Back to Top
Weight varies based on dimensions and materials. Refer to our weight chart for estimated weights or refer to your quotation for job specific weights.
Does SnapCab supply vertical wall panels? Back to Top
We supply both vertical and horizontal wall panels for areas inside and outside the elevator. Take a look at our showroom and product catalogs to peruse designs.
Will a SnapCab interior fit in an Otis, Schindler, ThyseenKrupp, or Kone elevator cab? Back to Top
You bet. Our interiors are designed to fit these elevators – and nearly all other models. We can work with any shell.