Everything You Need to Know About Office Pods

Gigapixel image podFrom startups and corporations to libraries and hospitals, office Pods are becoming a superhero solution to consistent problems like noise, distractions and privacy. With our sound-resistant Pods, you can provide customers, employees, students and other parties with a private, quiet area.


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Advantages of Office Pods

At SnapCab, we like to turn challenges into opportunities. That’s why we looked at the hurdles organizations are facing today before designing our office Pod. Because of that approach, our Pod offices provide several benefits, including:

Design your podDesign to your Taste

Upgrade your Pod paneling down the road to coordinate with facility remodeling or fresh branding efforts. While our standard Pod comes in a beautiful high-gloss, white laminate, you can also personalize your Pod. Pick a laminate from any manufacturer, or choose Corning® Gorilla® Glass and pick from a range of colors, logos, gigapixel images, and more. Personalization does increase lead-time and price.



move your pod anywhereWheel into Place

Reconfigure your office as often as needed. Your SnapCab Pod is simple to move thanks to the casters mounted below. Workspaces change over time, which is why SnapCab Pods are portable. Whether you want to create a new layout or move a Pod over an inch, it’s a quick process. All it requires is pushing the Pod to your new desired location.



personalize your podUpdate Your Space

Easily replace one or all of your Pod exterior wall panels to coordinate with new décor.  You can personalize and update your Pod anytime quickly and easily by changing out our innovate SnapCab Panels.  Whether you want to add a pop of color or you have a new logo, you can update your Pod as often as you want!

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How You Can Use Office Pods

Vibrant Green M Pod

SnapCab Pods are useful for a range of applications, including:

  • Study area: For colleges and libraries, sound-resistant Pods are an excellent way to provide students with a quiet, distraction-free area to study. You can also create group study areas with our Pod M and Pod L options. Our power bar, which features USB plugs, also lets students plug in their laptops as they work.
  • Outpatient room: Pharmacy, health clinics, and veterinary hospitals, can use our Pod offices to consult with patients and pet parents in a quiet area. The Pod’s LED lights provide you with an area to use tablets or laptops to go over test results.
  • Meeting space: Our office Pods offer the space your team needs, whether to plan a project, discuss revisions or review a presentation. The standard white laminate also makes a great whiteboard.
  • Conference room: Videoconferences, interviews and performance evaluations all require a private, quiet space. With the SnapCab Pod, you can meet with employees, converse with other branches and review materials hassle-free.
  • Phone boothFor restaurants, libraries and health clinics, our Pod S offers a convenient solution to making phone calls in private. With motion-activated lights and fans, you don’t have to worry about patrons leaving the lights on and wasting electricity, either.

What Issues Your Office Pods Solve

With our office Pods, you can solve tons of problems, including:

  • Loud noises: No matter where you work, whether in an office or a health clinic, noise is inevitable — and natural. Providing a quiet space, however, gives your team the opportunity to take a breather, work without distractions, and chat with clients and co-workers without asking, “What did you say?”
  • Open layouts: While open-office plans offer benefits, they also have a few drawbacks. Noise can become an issue, as well as have an effect on productivity and privacy. With an internal office Pod on-hand, your team can slip in to do some focus-heavy tasks, make a business call or collaborate with co-workers at a moment’s notice.
  • Tight budgets: For many businesses, constructing a conference room is prohibitive. The cost of our office Pod offers an alternative and affordable solution to construction, plus delivers the same benefits. SnapCab Pods also include the advantage of being mobile, as well as easy to personalize.

Get Seated in Your New Pod Offices

At SnapCab, we believe in providing you with the best value. That’s why we build our award-winning Pod offices with the highest level of craftsmanship, as well as design them to solve a variety of problems, from noise and distractions to productivity and focus. Take a seat in your new office Pods today!

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