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Visual Privacy Video

Companies and businesses continually look for ways to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. One way is by offering modular workplaces with visual privacy.

In today’s fast-paced, results-driven work environment, it can be hard to stay productive with someone looking over your shoulder. With our SnapCab® Pods, we’ve installed only one glass siding wall — the other three are concealed. Your employees can feel included and part of a team while still benefiting from a sense of privacy.

Advantages of the SnapCab Pod for Visual Privacy

The privacy features of our Pods offer many benefits to businesses and organizations, including:

  1. Remove distractions: The concealed walls make it possible to enter states of deep work without distractions. Deep work has many benefits, including building momentum and boosting creativity.
  2. Allow for naps: Visual privacy is a must when you need a quick power nap. Taking short naps throughout the day can dramatically increase your productivity.
  3. Increase confidentiality: Visual privacy is ideal for confidential conversations, interviews, presentations and conference calls. SnapCab’s Meet 4 and Meet 6 Pods are efficient, cost-effective private spaces, ideal for removing visual and audible distractions. Our Pods can be used for one-on-one meetings, group conferences or individual workstations.
  4. Boost productivity: Noise can take a serious toll on employee productivity and overall well-being. In fact, sound between 35 and 85 decibels can trigger stress in the body. This level of noise has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and even musculoskeletal problems.
  5. Create an environment for wellness rooms: Taking breaks to reduce stress is one of the best ways to boost job performance. Visual privacy is essential if you want to create a room for yoga, meditation or stretching exercises.

Fast Installation and Easy to Remodel

SnapCab Pods are easy to install, relocate and remodel. Our professionals install SnapCab units within 48 hours. Plus, casters on the bottom allow you to move Pods anywhere in the office. You can also use a forklift to transfer Pods if necessary.

If your company decides to undergo office renovation or engage in a new branding initiative, remodeling will be a breeze. You can upgrade the paneling of your Pods at any time.

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Video Transcript

You don’t feel claustrophobic because you have a full glass door in the front.
You feel like you are in with everybody.
It is only the sound that is cut off.
It is also nice that it is has three walls.
A number of our competitors have glass walls on both sides.
I know here, it is just this whiteboard that I can use for collaborating here.
It is not that I am ever showing anything that you cannot show on a computer.
I have to say, I do not like the idea of who is looking over my shoulder.
It is really the visual privacy that is as important as the sound privacy.