Is It Time to Remodel Your Elevator?

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Knowing when it’s time to update the interior of your elevator can have substantial returns for your business. As technology progresses, so does elevator innovation. If your elevator cabs look outdated or are starting to show signs of damage, those are two telling signs that remodeling your elevator is in your future. But, how do you start that process?

Keep reading to find out if it’s time for you to remodel your elevator, how to get started and how doing so will benefit your company.


3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Elevator Interior

Paying attention to these three things will signify when the time is right to remodel your elevator:

  • Modernization: If you’ve started to notice the design materials aren’t cutting it, it’s time for an elevator remodeling project to commence! Staying up to date with the modern designs and materials will set your elevator apart from the rest. Today, you can choose from stainless steel, wood veneer, laminate, Gorilla® Glass and other materials. You could even select a mix of materials for an extra “wow” factor.
  • Wear and Tear: A shabby elevator will send the wrong signals to its passengers. When your interior panels start coming loose or showing signs of damage, discoloration or scratching, it’s essential to update the interior of your elevator. Working with a professional elevator interior remodeling company will help elevate your elevator experience to new heights.
  • Brand Representation: Elevators present a real opportunity for your brand to make an impactful first impression on your clients, partners and employees. If your company is looking for ways to improve its brand image and voice, remodeling the elevator is a powerful place to start. Updating your interior materials and customizing the panels with colors and elements that reflect your company’s core mission will make for a lasting impression.

How Will an Elevator Remodel Enhance Your Business?

Since elevators are notable investments in the first place, it’s beneficial to capitalize on their potential to speak for your brand. Giving riders a memorable elevator experience will help solidify your business in their mind as one worth remembering. For brands and business, positive consumer and employee encounters are key to growth and success.

Elevator Interior Remodeling You Can Count On

Since our founding in 1995, our core operations have centered around unmatched customer service and experience. We carry the best quality materials, are home to outstanding design talent and are a proven leader with over 15,000 interiors installed across North America. We want you, your employees, visitors, and partners to enjoy every moment of the elevator ride.

When you inquire about elevator interior remodeling, we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours. SnapCab also delivers free presentation design boards—we gift you sample materials along with an elevator cab rendering to make sure you’re 100 percent confident in your interior update choice.

Ready to Work with a Premier Elevator Interior Design Company?

If you’re ready to elevate your elevator experience by remodeling it, request a quote today!