How to Remove Elevator Panels

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Elevator cab interior panels can be difficult to remove depending on how they were installed. Plus, every type of panel has a different installation and removal process. At SnapCab┬«, we’ve created a trusted process for installing and removing panels to give your elevators a fresh, new look without any of the hassle.

Older Panel Replacement

Many existing plastic laminate elevator panels were attached with z-clips. Some companies still use this difficult process. Installation uses z-clips to avoid using nails or screws on the surface of the panels. There are options for which z-clip to use based on what kind of panel you install. Most use a screwed or riveted Monarch clip or a welded strip in different places throughout the panel. However, the installer must attach these z-clips to the existing cab shell. The elevator cab interior panels also have z-clips attached to the back of them. To attach the panels to the cab shell, hang and mate the clips on the shell and panel. If the template was made correctly, you placed the template in the correct location, and you attached the z-clips to the cab shell correctly, the panels should look good, should!

The SnapCab Solution to Elevator Panel Replacement

SnapCab has a different solution for your next elevator panel replacement project that will make things easier. Our process involves using interlocking panels or layers that stack on top of each other. Installation of SnapCab elevator panels occurs in less than a day, including installing a new ceiling in your cab. Our process includes:

  1. Attach reveals with pre-attached tape
  2. Install toe kick binders, designed for required ventilation
  3. Insert interlocking panels into toe kick binder and attach using supplied screws
  4. Interlock next row of panels with pre-installed handrails
  5. Complete the wall panel installation by interlocking the remaining layers of panels and attach with screws
  6. Finish the system with the top cap to cover the top row of panel screws
  7. If applicable, hang cab wall protection pads with our pre-attached clip by inserting into the groove of the top cap

Our goal is to give you maximum convenience and comfort paired with superior design for every one of your elevators. When you work with us, you’ll get to choose exactly how you want your elevator panels and ceilings to look, and you can even design them to match your brand. We’ll work with you every step of the way to design elevator cab interior panels with top-quality materials at a great price.

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An elevator panel replacement project isn’t always easy to complete. You must stay up to code while creating a design that will excite everyone who steps into your cab. Plus, you can use your elevator cab interior panels to get individuals to notice your brand and overall message, which is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Don’t wait to start your next elevator panel replacement project. Whether it’s a full demolition or just an update, SnapCab can help you create the elevator cab of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our quick and easy process and get started on your renovation.