Incorporating Your Mission into All Aspects of Your Office

Dignity Health Rose de Lima

When you create a recognizable and lovable brand, you want the whole world to know. However, accomplishing your mission starts in your office. Employees need to feel some devotion to the brand and mission, starting with an integrated office design that speaks to your staff and clients.

How to Brand Your Office

The first step to branding your office is figuring out what, exactly, your brand is. Ask yourself questions about your target audience, mission statement and personality. Once you determine what your brand voice is, it’ll be easy to begin incorporating it into your office space. Choose furniture and paint colors that match your brand colors. If you want your brand to be more playful, use that in furniture designs, lighting and more. Put key slogans or other quotes that define your brand voice on the walls.

Simple & Effective Elevator Designs

Another way to incorporate your mission and brand is to design impactful elevators into your business space. Companies around the world spend millions of dollars on their elevator designs to make them go faster and keep the riders occupied. However, another solution is to come up with simple and effective elevator designs that promote your mission.

A well-designed elevator will increase your employees’ and clients’ experiences. At SnapCab®, we take care of everything associated with designing, including working with your architect or designer to bring their vision to reality. Our interiors are simple but elegant, and you can customize your options to create an interior that speaks to your brand and mission.

How Others Did It

We’ve helped a variety of companies transform their businesses to reflect their mission. It’s not just about elevators — to truly create an inviting atmosphere, you need to incorporate your message into your meeting spaces, Pods and more. Here’s how a few of our clients completely transformed their businesses:

  • Gorilla glass printed ImageCorning European Technology Center: Corning, located in France, is all about world-changing and innovative technology. They wanted something unique that would showcase their mission to catch the attention of clients. The solution was a SnapCab media wall that seamlessly integrated their focus on technology and innovation.
  • Google: Everyone knows the Google brand when they see it. However, Google’s elevator designs didn’t match their message of creativity and innovation. We used Gorilla Glass with Google’s logo to create a cutting-edge design.
  • Dignity Health: SnapCab worked with Dignity Health to create Gorilla Glass panels with custom images for more than 80 elevator cabs within Dignity Health’s hospital system. The Rosa de Lima elevator is just one example of a beautiful landscape visitors can look at in the elevator cab.
  • Flamingo: The Flamingo hotel and casino in Las Vegas was a fun project for SnapCab. We designed the building’s elevator cabs to include a panel with the hotel’s name and official logo to give it a fresh, new look while staying on-brand.
  • Phoenician Spa: The Phoenician is a luxury resort in Scottsdale, AZ that includes a spa. SnapCab supplied beautiful Gorilla Glass paneling with a stone image for the spa that helped solidify the spa’s luxury brand.
  • TimkenSteel: TimkenSteel has different facilities in six countries, and SnapCab helped design new elevator interiors in the buildings. The sleek Gorilla Glass panel design with the company’s name and logo show that TimkenSteel is an industry leader.
  • Two Summerlin: Two Summerlin, a six-story, LEED-certified class A office building in Las Vegas, is a beautiful building that needed to carry over its air of sophistication into its elevator cabs. The rear Gorilla Glass wall does just that while featuring the building’s name.
  • Utah State University: SnapCab’s expertise extends to colleges and universities. We created custom elevator cabs for Utah State University that showcase the school’s official crest set on white Gorilla Glass.
  • Wyndham Grand Desert: The Wyndham Grand Desert hotel in Las Vegas is a getaway destination in an exciting city. It made sense to continue the opulence into the building’s elevator cabs. SnapCab’s solution was new elevator cab panels with Lab Designs wood laminate along with bronze reveals and handrail.

Start Today with Your Own Designs

Don’t wait to design impactful elevators in your business space or integrate meeting spaces and Pods that speak to your brand. We can help you design and integrate new systems that will incorporate your mission into all aspects of your office. Contact us today to learn more about our Pods, elevator designs and Portals and how they can help you create a better office space that people will recognize and remember.