What is the Best Elevator Cab design?

SnapCab executive elevator interior - corporate elevator example with grey silver and metallic paneling

Is one elevator design better than another? Depending on your business or relevant application, yes. Creating a powerful elevator wall design is an excellent way to make a memorable first impression on your visitors. Since elevator rides are short, they should be especially sweet!

Keep reading to learn more about your different elevator design choices.

Elevator Cabin Design Elements

People end up spending more time in elevators than they think, which is why it’s vital for your elevator to emulate your business. Considering the following elevator cabin design components will help further your vision:

  • Color: What colors do you want to see represented in your elevator? Perhaps they can reflect your logo color schemes.
  • Light: Where do you want your elevator lighting to come from and what type do you prefer? Lighting options include perimeter lighting, diffused fluorescent lights, LED downlights, and more…
  • Brand: How strongly do you want your brand image represented in your elevator? You can showcase your logo, pictures, words or company color scheme.
  • Vibe: How will color, light and brand presence mesh together in your elevator design? Creating an elevator ambiance is an art — when you get it right, it sends an impactful message.

Elevator Cab Wall Design

The walls of your elevator cab should also include unique design elements, such as:

  • Logos: Many companies chose to spotlight their company logo front and center with Gorilla® Glass. Incorporating your logo is an effective way to raise brand awareness and project your company’s voice.
  • Art: Including art in your elevator wall design is a colorful way to boost your cabin aesthetics. Selecting artwork that sends a specific message will also help illustrate your business’s values or services.
  • Patterns: These don’t always work in small spaces, but certain subtle patterns can be a soothing option for your elevator cabin design.

Material Choices for Your Elevator Cab Design

The material you choose for your elevator cab has a direct impact on your visitors’ impression. Choose between:

  • Gorilla® Glass: Modern, futuristic and elegant, Gorilla® Glass is a material perfect for elevating your elevator experience.
  • Stainless Steel: Sleek, shiny and lustrous, stainless steel is eye-catching and calming at the same time.
  • Wood Veneer: Classic, warm and tasteful, wood veneer ads a natural element to your elevator, which is always relaxing.
  • High-Pressure Laminate: Choose from a variety of colors, wood grains, and finishes to create a unique feel for your passengers to enjoy.

Which Elevator Cab Design Is Best for Your Business?

The best design for your company all depends on the look and feel you’re going for and the industry you’re in.

If you run a large business firm, a sophisticated and elegant elevator design will prime your clients for your services. If you own a fun and vibrant children’s space, choosing an engaging wall design is a great choice. For hospitals, keeping the elevator bright and clean is key. For buildings with a range of businesses all under the same roof, try to pick something neutral and aesthetically pleasing.

The design you choose all comes down to how you want your staff and visitors to feel as they ride your elevator.

Ready to Explore the Best Elevator Cab Design for Your Business?

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