World’s Greatest Elevator Interior System… SnapCab!

Video Transcript

Now, we turn our attention to a company that has set the bar in its field.

Get ready to learn.

Elevators, they’re a modern convenience that we sometimes take for granted.

But the look and feel of an elevator can say just as much about a company as the exterior or interior of their building.

That’s why so many companies are upgrading their image by upgrading their elevators.

With that in mind, we travel to Warrington, Pennsylvania to get a behind the scenes look at the world’s greatest in elevator interiors – SnapCab.

The elevator was the key to the modern city. 

In 1852, Elijah Otis, the founder of Otis Elevator Company invented a safe elevator that made possible the modern cities that we know today.

In 1998, Otis began working with SnapCab for a range of innovative elevator interiors, that were quick to install.

Since then, SnapCab really helped the entire industry improve by having a systematic, high-quality solution to the universal problem that building owners know.

What do I do with this worn-out, out of date elevator?

Thanks to SnapCab, their patented system has allowed elevator mechanics and manufacturers to reduce the time it takes to install a high-quality elevator interior – from days to hours.

Originally, every elevator was a custom job.

What we ended up doing was making a systematic way of doing it.

It goes in the same way every time.

It allows for the adjustments of the cab sizes, and the benefit was it made it so that any elevator company could install our elevator interiors.

These mechanics used to take up to four days to install these things.

Now, with SnapCab, they can get it done in less than a day, saving the customers time, inconvenience and money.

The best part about SnapCab is that they take care of everything.

See it through to the end, and make everything seamlessly come together.

Our mission statement at SnapCab’s is ‘elevator interiors simplified.’

That means everything from how the product’s ordered, engineered, manufactured and finally installed.

It goes very quickly and is simplified.

This is great for the customers.

We’ve really dramatically changed how elevator interiors are done.

Most interesting at SnapCab is their in-house mistake driven reward system.

It’s true, we reward our team for making mistakes.

It’s part of our company culture.

We encourage our employees to point out even the most minor of problems.

We want to capture problems in-house before they leave our building and reach our customer’s building.

Since employees are human, we expect that they’ll make mistakes.

So, most of the time when that employee makes a mistake, we involve that employee to help come up with a mistake-proof solution.

It’s a no-fear culture.

That have no-fear approach is paying off for SnapCab.

With the four biggest global elevator companies using SnapCab extensively for elevator interior upgrades, SnapCab has enjoyed a three-year run as one of America’s fastest growing small companies.

I come into this building every day, and I really need the elevator.

I had a hip replacement and I had two bad knees, so an elevator means everything to me.

So, I come in every day and I see this elevator with the stainless-steel compartment.

And this afternoon, there was this beautiful, soft, warm cherry wood in there.

And it just happened so quickly.

It was really quite miraculous.

It’s easy to see why SnapCab is the world’s greatest elevator interior system.