Incorporating Wall Paneling Throughout Your Design

When redesigning a space, the key to make maximum impact is to choose the right materials. Interlocking wall panels have a host of benefits: they’re durable, affordable, highly customizable, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, using a wall-paneling system opens up the possibilities for dozens of material types, so that you can achieve virtually any aesthetic. Want proof? Check it out:

The Aesthetic: Contemporary

Your Vision: You envision airy, open spaces with clean, modern lines. Carefully selected accents in bold shades add more than color – they evoke a specific feeling.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Gorilla® Glass. Ultra-light and optically clear, this sleek glass is a true blank canvas—it won’t change the color of the materials behind it at all, so you can achieve the exact color tone you want.
  • Laminate. With plenty of high-definition options, highly versatile laminate comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and images, mirroring the look of other materials, without the added weight and cost.

The Aesthetic: Industrial

Your Vision: Exposed bricks. Concrete or weathered wood floors. Structural beams and metal air ducts. Exposed, the materials of your building become critical design elements. Instead of hiding these features, you want to highlight their gritty appeal.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Rigidized® Metals. Up to 75% stronger than ordinary metal sheets, Rigidized® Metals easily balance form and function. With glossy, brushed, and matte finishes and a variety of embossed textures they’re tough to beat in an industrial design.
  • Wood Veneer. The look of natural wood is an ideal contrast to exposed brick, metal, and ductwork. Specify your species – from American Walnut to cool Ash Lati or rich, dark Mocha Oak– that will help you reach your design goals.

The Aesthetic: Branded

Your Vision: You want to create a design that’s perfectly aligned with, and totally representative of, a brand’s identity. You need to match – not just come close – specific colors, logos, graphics, and other elements.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Gorilla® Glass. With high-resolution printing capabilities and true color matches, you can replicate any branding element with ease and unerring accuracy. You can even specify a precise Pantone color – you’ll still get an exact match.
  • Laminate. Maintain the look of wood, stone, and other surfaces throughout the building design, from the lobby and hallways, into the elevator – without the budget headaches. Laminate is affordable, durable, and versatile enough to build the brand from the ground up. If you haven’t yet seen a pattern that matches your aesthetic, don’t worry; you can customize a Laminate pattern that suits your brand perfectly.

The Aesthetic: Bright and Bold

Your Vision: Your design exudes youth and energy, turning the space into an oasis of color, interest, and unique flavor. In short: it pops.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Móz®. These designer metals are no wallflowers; Móz metals offer incredible texture and brilliant color for a design element that’s truly unique.
  • Gage®. Chic GageCarve® has a definite contemporary edge. Pair with colorful laminate for an eye-popping effect.
  • Gorilla® Glass. With this glass, you are only limited by your creativity. Print even the most wild and creative graphics with stunning clarity. Stripes? Polka dots? Leopard print? Gorilla Glass puts anything you can image beneath a crystal clear, ultra-durable surface.

The Aesthetic: High-Tech Minimalist

Your Vision: You make the complex simple. Your space integrates high-tech elements, like interactive walls, with flush lines for a seamless look. No nonsense; all simplicity and style.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Gorilla® Glass. For a material that is as high-tech as your design, there can be no substitute. With the potential to integrate high-end, interactive technology right into your wall panels, Gorilla Glass offers the additional benefits of strength, durability, and pristine imaging. Gorilla Glass is also available with tight seams for an even cleaner look.

The Aesthetic: Luxury

Your Vision: You’re picturing rich textures, exotic materials, and high-end finishes. The end result should exude decadence, so the finishings need to look and feel high-end – and that look needs to stand up against time.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Stone. What’s more luxurious than natural stone? Interlocking wall panels give you the natural, expensive look without the weight, thanks to our lightweight honeycomb panels.
  • Wood Veneer. A timeless classic, wood adds warmth, elegance, and depth to any surface. From rich, deep Walnut Groove, to the mixed colors of Macassar Black and White Goove, you have a variety to choose from.
  • Gage®. Gage metal surfaces brings a sophisticated edge to high-end applications with lustrous, dimensional patterns which add a tactile element to your design.
  • Móz®. These hand-etched metal laminates provide the richly textured look and visual depth that defines modern luxury.

The Aesthetic: Durable and Utilitarian.

Your Vision: Your design values function over finish. You need panels that are resilient, simple to maintain, safe, and relatively attractive. If you’re designing for hospitals, office buildings, hotels, universities, or other high-traffic buildings, you know the elevator walls need to be able to take a beating and still look great.

Achieve Your Look:

  • Laminate. No frills, no fuss. Just excellent results. Laminate comes in a variety of popular colors and patterns that will stand up to heavy use and abuse without showing their age.
  • Compact. Ideal for high-impact, high-traffic areas, such as lobbies and elevators, Compact is durable, non-porous, non-microbial, and affordable. But it’s not all work and no play: Compact offers scores of design options so you can achieve the look you want.

SnapCab interlocking wall panels enable ultimate freedom and convenience. With such a range of options, it’s finally possible to find the materials that can achieve the exact look you envisioned.