From Outdated Hospital To Urban Hotspot: The Transformation Of Metro Club

SnapCab contemporary Metro Club wall paneling, a part granite and wood style wall is displayed

In Philadelphia’s Old City District, residents live side-by-side with the past and tread the same streets as the Founding Fathers. The neighborhood was ground zero for the American Revolution. Today, it’s undergoing another kind of revolution, transforming into an urban hotspot with thriving business, art, and fashion communities – and the best cheesesteaks in Philly. In the Old City, home is where the heart, and the history, is.

Bringing Metro Club into the 21st Century

Philadelphia is proud of its heritage – but the Metro Club building was clinging a bit too hard to the past. Owners wanted to transform the former hospital into high-end condos; the terminally outdated elevators and drab lobby, however, weren’t rising to the level of “upmarket residence.”

These spaces – the heart and soul of any building – needed a complete overhaul, a renovation that would welcome tenants and visitors as soon as they walk in the doors.

The Keys to Success: Streamlined Planning and Simplicity

Metro Club’s owners browsed through SnapCab’s catalog and selected an elegant wood laminate. The light finish they choose would banish the gloom of the existing dark brown elevator interiors, creating a sense of warmth.

Now it was time to focus on the lobby. The area behind the front desk – which would become the logical focal point as people entered the building – was as dated as the elevators. To remedy this, we suggested that the owners use the same wood laminate paneling that was going to be featured in the cabs. Because of the simplicity of the paneling system, doing so would not require extensive planning or preparation.

The owners loved the idea. More importantly, they loved the results. Incorporating the same panels in both the elevators and the lobby allowed for a consistent look and feel. Additionally, it enabled the owners to make significant progress in their goal of re-imagining the old hospital into a new, high-end living space.

Within just three months, Metro Club’s elevators and lobby area were updated for its upscale clientele. The specification and installation processes were remarkably streamlined: the owners looked through the catalog, saw a product they wanted, and, from there, it was simply a matter of installing the paneling system. Sometimes, it is just that easy.

New Life In The Old City

The Old City’s many industrial buildings are an important part of the area’s history. Converting them into chic living spaces allows residents to enjoy the vibrancy of this unique neighborhood. The Metro Club’s transition from dreary hospital to sought-after urban retreat is just one example of how the Old City continually renews itself. You, too, can breathe new life into your buildings – elevators, lobbies, conference rooms, and more – with simple, streamlined solutions.