AIM Academy—Where Learning Comes To Life

SnapCab - AIM Academy Media Wall

The AIM Academy motto is “Innovative Teaching. Fearless Learning.” These are far more than words. Innovation and fearlessness make AIM an institution of choice for those who learn differently, and these qualities guide every decision they make. AIM is committed to utilizing creative instruction, educational best practices, and the best technological resources. They wanted to ensure their building reflected their passion – and the enormous potential of their students.

AIMing for Excellence

When AIM built an addition with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, auditorium, and other integral learning facilities, they knew they needed an entryway that captured the attention of students, family, and visitors as soon as they came in through the doors. Beyond a mere lobby or reception area, this space needed to welcome people to a world of exploration and discovery.

A custom-built media wall provided an innovative solution for this ground-breaking school. As people walk into the Academy’s new addition, they’d know exactly what AIM is, and what they do. They’d connect with the AIM philosophy, with their ingenuity, and, most importantly, with their pride and belief in their students.

Students Lead the Way

The media wall stretches about 16 feet along AIM’s entryway, and its creation was a team effort. AIM’s art department gathered newspaper articles about the school and created a montage. They took pictures of students engaging in music, sports, and other activities, and turned them into silhouettes. Art students filled in these silhouettes with vibrant colors and patterns, bringing them to life. Together, the faculty and students made a work of art that was special and spectacular.

AIM then provided us with a digital file of the artwork, and we had their graphics printed in crisp, true-to-life detail. Next, we mounted the images behind high-quality, durable glass panels and installed them on the wall. And finally, we integrated speakers and monitors for full audio/visual capability.

Once the design is established, installation is a quick and easy process.

In addition to looking great, this space enables AIM to offer a host of engaging experience for students, staff, family, and visitors. From streaming a basketball game from the gym to running promo videos, the media wall is a hard-working – and compelling – member of the school community.

Head of the Class

AIM Academy believes that “Curiosity, collaboration, compassion, confidence and critical thinking are their tools for success.” We do too. The school’s media wall not only embodies this philosophy; it was created by it. Learning comes alive at AIM.

Media walls empower you to customize your spaces, align them with your brand identity, and offer your guests, customers, or clients an exceptional experience. When it comes to interior design and architecture, you can aim higher – and achieve your goals.