Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Innovation to fuel imagination.

SnapCab, in collaboration with Corning, is opening the door to beautiful, modular, progressive elevator and wall panel designs with thin, lightweight, damage-resistant panels. The SnapCab modular system allows architects to freely design unique interiors while making it simple to customize.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is optically clear, so your whites are pristine, your colors are vibrant, and images and logos pop! It’s a material that allows architects to achieve their vision, without compromise.

Gorilla Glass is a blank canvas that allows you to exercise your creativity: Specify any pantone color for an exact match. Provide your own high resolution imagery or logos. Choose from one of our patterns and personalize the magnification and colors. Choose from one of our gigapixel images, or specify your own.

Gorilla Glass is available with all SnapCab products (Elevator, Portal, and Pod).

View the standard Gorilla Glass sizes here.