3 Ways To Train Your Mechanics on SnapCab Interior Installation Processes

When elevator mechanics are familiar with a particular interior system, installing those interiors becomes second-nature. Even with the simple SnapCab modular system, you want your team to feel completely prepared for a smooth installation process from start to finish – without a time consuming training process. In fact, shouldn’t the training be as quick and easy as installing the interiors themselves? Here are three simple ways to ensure your mechanics have all the information they need to get the job done quickly, and easily.

#1: Installation Videos

Mechanics can consult installation videos a day or two ahead of time, or even the morning of install. The videos demonstrate proper methods to install the interiors and to resolve common issues, such as what to do when the elevator cab is out of square, or when existing shell walls are bowed. Short and straightforward, these videos make sure learning how to install a SnapCab is a stress-free process that doesn’t take up too much of your time.

#2: On-Site Installation Day Training

Need an expert present for in-person guidance? In addition to providing videos (and the easy-to-follow instructions included in every SnapCab kit), a good partner will offer on-site training for a nominal fee. An experienced SnapCab team member will come to the job site, clarify instructions, and guide your mechanics through the install. This ensures your project is completed smoothly and increases your team’s confidence – so they’re ready to take on future installations.

#3: Look Inside the (Installation) Box

When it’s time to begin the installation, your crew should look to the box. There they’ll find easy-to-follow instructions that illustrate each step in the process. The SnapCab installation kit also contains everything a mechanic wouldn’t normally have – right down to the trash bag and cleaning supplies – necessary to properly install the SnapCab elevator interior.

With this simple but effective training and preparation, your mechanics will be able to install fully-functional, completely safe, code-compliant interiors that meet your customers’ high standards. With the SnapCab system and training, It’ll take them a day, or less, rather than two, three, or four with other companies. So don’t fear the “new” process – installing a SnapCab is ultra-simple, and there are plenty of training options to ensure your team is fully prepared to tackle the job this time, and every time to come.

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