Your Complete Guide to Elevator Renovations

If you think elevators are just a way to get from point A to point B while avoiding those laborious stairs, think again.

Elevators serve as a portal for your building’s or office’s guests. They hold a transportive quality as much as a transportation one, created to complement and enhance the overall design of your space.

In fact, a commercial elevator’s branding potential is one of the reasons organizations turn to renovations. With the goal to design and install a more modern, complete and representative cab, companies search elevator cab interior companies to service their needs and execute their vision.

Learn the ins and outs of the elevator cab remodeling process, from measuring pieces and picking interior panel designs to installing and maintaining the final modular system with this end-to-end elevator renovation guide.

Why Renovate Elevator Cab Interiors?

Commercial elevator interiors undergo remodels for several reasons:

  • Because a new company or organization moved in: Businesses moving into office space for the first time seek modern office design ideas to put their mark on the space. One of the best ways to achieve that spatial signature early on is through unique, custom elevator panels, walls and ceilings designed exclusively for that company.
  • Because a business has rebranded: Organizations may have recently tweaked their logos, color schemes, or any other visuals associated with its name. These branding changes should be reflected throughout the office. Walls might be repainted, furniture replaced, and artwork swapped for newer, brand-enhancing patterns and templates. Remodeling all elevator interiors adds a finishing touch to the physical rebrand, ensuring every corner of the office represents the new look.
  • Because a company is making overall renovations: Larger-scale office or business renovations often introduce the option to enhance current architectural features alongside new or expanded spaces. Elevator cab renovations are a particularly cost-effective add-on to overall building renovations, costing a fraction of what other improvements do yet reflecting the wider change.
  • Because of compliance concerns: Elevator interiors are subject to a range of building codes. Specifically, elevators need to adhere to spatial, materials, ADA, and mandates such as meeting local fire codes and weight-capacity limits. If a current elevator isn’t up to compliance statutes, a renovation is in order.
  • Because it’s time for something new: With or without additional renovations occurring, elevators can be a blank template for organizations to imprint a little personality and flair. Elevator cabs help differentiate your space from others, all while maintaining their core transportation function.

How Much Does Elevator Remodeling Cost?

Overall, elevator interior refurbishment tends to come in two forms — individual panel replacement or complete renovation. Depending on the type of elevator renovations conducted, costs will vary.

  • Elevator panel replacement costs: Most elevator interiors are made up of three parts — the wall panels, ceiling panels and elevator floor. Walls panels are especially susceptible to damage over time, either from natural wear and tear or from aggravated acts, such as vandalism. When this is the case, businesses may opt for an individual or a handful of panel replacements rather than redoing the entire elevator interior. SnapCab, an elevator cab company, produces their elevator systems from an interlocking modular design. This means that if the need for replacement panels strikes, organizations quite literally “pop out” the damaged wall panel and “pop in” the new one.
  • Complete elevator cab renovation cost: A complete cab renovation will be more expensive than wall, floor, or ceiling panel replacements. The exact quote will depend primarily on the size of the elevator, its capacity and the materials used, plus the number of customizations and any additional servicing the client requests.

For more information on elevator interior remodeling costs and pricing structures, visit SnapCab’s Request-a-Quote portal.

How to Renovate an Elevator

Regardless of the motive, breathe new life into your organization’s elevator interiors by following these core design, preparation and installation remodeling steps.

1. Measure Your Interior Cab Components

Measuring an elevator interior is the first and foundational step of the entire renovation process. Your elevator maintenance company, typically the installer for your new interior, would perform this survey.

Accurate measurements ensure wall and ceiling panels are cut and fitted to size. Come the day of installation, individual pieces will then easily “snap” together, forming the cohesive and customized finished interior yet dramatically reducing actual time of installation from the industry’s four-day average down to one with the SnapCab system.

Overall, measuring your elevator’s cab shell dimensions will entail many details and require some additional items such as:

  • Cab shell construction
  • Elevator door position
  • Toe kick arrangement
  • Existing canopy and ceiling information
  • Front wall dimensions and elevator components

2. Select Your Interior Cab Design

Experienced elevator cab companies present a design catalog or online showroom for clients to use as inspiration for their own modified designs. Likewise, customers can book a design session to delve further into colors, patterns, textures and cab panel materials at their disposal.

The makeup of elevator interior designs will mainly account for:

  • Wall panel designs (horizontal or vertical look)
  • Wall panel material, color, and pattern options
  • Reveal and toe kick finishes
  • Handrail and bumper rail finish and sizes
  • Ceiling and lighting design
  • Ceiling material and finishes

Consider requesting presentation boards or 3D renderings of your design. This provides a better indication of your elevator’s renovated design in real life, as well as lets you get a feel for actual material samples before they become a fixture of your building.

3. Double Check Regulations

Ensure your new design is in full compliance with all building or industry-relevant regulations. Your elevator servicer should be able to assist with any compliance checks regarding the layout, lighting, size, materials and detail work for a compliant cab.

4. Place Your Order

Submit your final design specs to your company rep. Make certain you detail any modifications or specifications that need to be made to a standard designed model. You should also communicate to your elevator installer if there are any existing fixtures such as cameras, bulletin boards, etc. that need to be reinstalled or removed when the new interior is installed.

5. Prepare the Elevator Interior

Elevator cabs require a few steps of preparation before new panels and components can be placed:

  • Drop cloth placement: Your installer should lay a drop cloth along the elevator’s floor to catch dirt and debris as they work. This also ensures the elevator floor remains damage-free during demolition.
  • Demolition: The demolition phase of a new elevator interior installation involves individually removing and discarding old interior panels, plus any other aesthetic components that will not be used in the new design. It does not mean taking a sledgehammer to your elevator walls.
  • Wall inspection: Evaluating the cab’s base walls — what remains after removing the old paneling — for protrusions or any other surface damage.

6. Conduct Interior Installation

Interior cab installation will be a step-by-step process following tailored directions. It includes preparing and replacing the main components of an elevator interior:

  • Wall panels
  • Elevator ceiling
  • Handrails
  • Flooring (commonly by a flooring contractor after new interiors are installed)

Continue reading for more detailed elevator cab installation steps or watch this SnapCab® Elevator installation video.

What to Look for in an Elevator Redesign Company

Choosing the right elevator renovation partner will help determine if the project stays on track, on budget and on time. Know how to properly vet and pick that provider by looking for the following.

1. End-to-End Servicing

Some elevator companies may only perform a handful of design and fabrication services. Others may provide certified elevator installers, designers and architects — but at extra costs.

Instead, look for a company with clear and transparent end-to-end services you can rely on from the onset, including:

  • Design consultations, showrooms
  • Material samples
  • Presentation boards
  • Certified installers

2. Customization

Does the elevator renovator offer an extensive product catalog that gives you plenty of options to achieve your refurbished vision? Can they go “off script,” tailoring unique styles, materials and finishes to your tastes? Depending on your business needs, a template design may not cut it, in which case a partner with in-house design affordances is necessary.

3. Warranty and Maintenance

Elevators receive continual use. Customers want to minimize that inevitable wear and tear to ensure their investment spans the years, without the need for frequent repairs or cosmetic patches.

Be sure your elevator remodeling company can provide you with:

  • Usage and care guides
  • Readily available panel replacements
  • A warranty that supports the craftsmanship of the product
  • Ongoing customer support

How to Pick and Design a New Elevator Interior

Designing the new look for your residential, office, hotel elevators — or anything in between — is an exciting and personalized process. Yet it can also be overwhelming, particularly for first-time renovators playing around with several design ideas.

Simplify the elevator cab redesign process by following this checklist:

  1. Pick an overall aesthetic: Contemporary or classic, minimalist or branded and bold, enter the elevator design stage with an idea of the kind of look you’re going for. Picking the desired aesthetic beforehand lends the language you’ll need to filter aesthetic decisions later, with a foundation for the overall ambiance you’re trying to achieve. This will also help the designers or reps at your selected renovation partner provide you with better design templates from their offerings.
  2. Consider core materials: Your selected overall aesthetic can help guide the material selection you want your refurbished primary and accent panels to be made from. Popular elevator panel materials include Corning® Gorilla® Glass; Rigidized® Metals; wood veneer in maple, walnut, cherry and others; laminate; and many more.
  3. Pick a color scheme: Depending on the selected materials, elevator panels can be further customized with a tailored color scheme. For example, panels made with laminates and Gorilla Glass can be pigmented to match or complement current branded color schemes, available in solid colors as well as textured or plain patterns.
  4. Don’t forget finishes: Matte, gloss, textured, reflective, brushed, fine grain — these are just a few panel finishes an elevator cab designer can take you through after selecting core materials and color schemes.
  5. Add form with function: Consider final touches for your elevator walls, such as accent mirrors, fine-grain wood paneling details, branded images or artwork, or something else entirely.

Take Commercial Elevator Interior Remodeling to the Next Level with SnapCab

SnapCab’s modular elevator system revolutionized interior cab possibilities, giving clients more say — and more savings — in the look of their new interior. SnapCab maintains a nation-wide network of certified elevator installers, giving end-users peace of mind.

Our customers’ happiness is our top priority. Let us prove how easy, enjoyable and cost-effective an elevator interior renovation can be. Explore our extensive elevator design showroom, then reach out to a SnapCab elevator specialist for more information or to book a design session today.

We Are SnapCab – Meet Pierre

Meet Pierre Seynhaeve, Shop Foreman

When it comes to the role of elevator interior shop foreman, Pierre Seynhaeve is responsible for a lot.

From overseeing production of the metal, panel, ceiling, CNC, and custom departments, to staff training and scheduling, participating in daily Gemba walks, and improving efficiencies with the quality assurance, maintenance and engineering departments, Pierre does whatever it takes to keep things moving forward.

But, with his calm and humble demeanor, he takes on the complex role with ease and appreciation.

“I love a good challenge,” he says. “Every day there is an opportunity to come to work and make things better. We want to manufacture high-quality products in an efficient and safe way. It’s fun to work on improving our processes and getting the flow right.”

Pierre’s focus on creating and providing quality products started at an early age. Originally from France, Pierre graduated from a specialized trade school called Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France. While there, he pursued cabinet-making and woodworking and was selected to work as a high-end cabinet-maker for a company in the United States.

In 2013, after several years honing his impressive skills in the workforce, Pierre joined SnapCab and became part of the research and development and production teams.

“That position became very busy,” he laughs. As SnapCab grew, so did Pierre’s role and soon he was offered the position of shop foreman.

“It’s exciting to know you’re leading a process,” Pierre says. “One of my favorite parts of the job is seeing my teammates grow their skills. When I see people getting better at their jobs it means we are doing the right things.”

SnapCab General Manager and Pierre’s direct supervisor, Joe Danko, mirrored this sentiment and credits Pierre for his leadership and mentoring skills.

“Something that I really admire about Pierre is his humility,” Joe says. “He’s so humble for someone who is so experienced in his craft. 

“When I first met Pierre, I was absolutely impressed by his knowledge and skill, but what struck me, even more, was the way he coaches others,” he adds. “It speaks highly to his willingness to be extremely supportive of employees. He wants to make sure employees have what they need to be successful.”

Coincidentally, that’s exactly what Pierre said he likes most about working for SnapCab.

“SnapCab is supportive in many ways, including always making sure I get the training I need to do the best job,” Pierre says. “They didn’t just give me the position and tell me to go. They provided me with six months of lean manufacturing training, and I’m part of lean business group that meets once every two months.

“Plus, two years ago I had the opportunity to learn more about lean manufacturing in Japan,” he adds. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and amazing training. I’m now trying to support everyone in every way I can.”

Pierre continually draws upon his lean training to improve processes and educate others.

“Lean manufacturing is not only about big machinery or general flow,” he says. “It’s also about the details. Small improvements that take two minutes to complete can sometimes have a bigger impact than purchasing expensive equipment.”

For example, recently a technician developed a lean solution by creating a specialized tool from a scrap piece of plywood and some strategic cuts. The tool will help him properly measure a specific product from here on out. In only a few minutes of creative thinking, the technician now has a mistake-proof process.

“Lean manufacturing only works if everyone is engaged through the company from top to bottom, left to right,” Pierre says. “At SnapCab, we have a lean mindset.”

When he’s not at work, Pierre spends his time with his wife Shannan and daughters Isabella and Ariana, as well as swimming and playing soccer.

And, you can rest assured that whenever Pierre has the opportunity to take an elevator – whether it be in a hotel, mall or office building – he takes it.

“There’s no taking the stairs for me,” he laughs. “When I’m in an elevator, I’m looking at every detail for possible improvement. But, if I’m in a SnapCab, I don’t have to worry because it’s always perfect.”  

Ways to Take Your Meeting Space to the Next Level

When you’re trying to impress a new client or onboard a new team member, you need a meeting location that catches the eye and makes guests feel calm and invited. Instead of white walls and poor lighting, you can take your meeting space to the next level with Pods, Portals and other design features.

Modern Conference Room Designs With Pods

Today’s modern offices often utilize an open floor concept. If you don’t have any private office space, it can be difficult to hold a meeting — especially one that you want to keep private. Movable Pods from SnapCab® solve that issue. Our Pods are modern, sleek and sound-absorbing, and you can design them to fit your taste and overall office design. Since the Pods are mounted on wheels, it makes it easy to move your Pod to different locations in your building.

How to Take Your Meetings to the Next Level

Installing your Pods is the first half of the equation. Next, you need to figure out ways to take your meeting space to the next level. At SnapCab, we can help you design the Pods to match any decor once you choose the size of the Pod and the color or pattern of your exterior wall panels. You’ll get to choose from optional acoustic panels, hundreds of laminate colors and Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

If you’re still wondering how to enhance your meeting spaces, try out some of these tips:

  • Add in-room equipment: Make sure your Pod is equipped with all the technology you need, such as screens, projectors and video conferencing. Also, choose the right-size Pod that’s well-equipped to hold the number of people you need in the meeting as well as furniture.
  • Invest in comfortable chairs: No one wants to sit in drab, uncomfortable chairs, even if it’s part of a modern conference room design. Comfortable and supportive seats will produce longer discussion and leave a better impression.
  • Adjust the lights: You get to design your Pod the way you want, including the lighting. Choose from the standard dimmable downlight or upgrade to dimmable indirect LED lights along the back and side walls.
  • Offer amenities: Impress your clients and new hires by offering amenities like drinks and snacks with your branding.
  • Match your brand: One of the easiest ways to impress your guests is to create a modern conference room design that matches your brand. You can design your Pod to fit the rest of your office down to the exact brand colors and message.

Unique Places to Use Movable Pods

Movable Pods are a cool conference room idea, but they can be used for so much more. Take your Pods to an event or even make them a part of your restaurant or hotel for a quiet space. You can also use them in a library or school to create an area where students can work free of distractions. Contact us today to learn more about our Pods and how to use them.

Where to Buy Elevator Wall Panels That Last

Buying the right elevator panels can make or break your passenger experience. A carefully crafted and thought-out design will leave your visitors, employees and partners feeling welcomed and impressed.

However, the first step in creating an unforgettable ride is knowing how and where to buy interior elevator panels. That’s why we put this guide together. Keep reading to learn about the panels we offer and the benefits of SnapCab interiors.

Interior Elevator Wall Panels

Interior wall panels are the fashion statement of your elevator. What do you want your elevator to say to its passengers? Designing an intentional and alluring elevator wall panel interior sends a stronger message than you may think.

How to Buy Elevator Panels

Buying elevator panels is easy once you know what you’re looking for. Before you go to purchase wall panels, it’s helpful to know your options. Asking yourself the following questions will help you figure out what you want:

  1. What kind of lighting and color scheme do I envision?
  2. How do I want to represent my brand in my elevator?
  3. What materials would best compliment our office design?
  4. What is my budget?
  5. Who will install my interiors?

Answering these questions will help you learn how to buy the right wall panels for your elevator. We offer free elevator design services and are more than happy to help with your vision.

Custom Elevator Panels With Benefits

Our interior elevator panels come with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Free Design Process: We’re all about offering custom elevator panels to bring your vision to life. You can choose from stainless steel, laminate, wood veneer, Gorilla® Glass, and more. Check out our showroom to see what we’ve created for past customers.
  • Easy Installation: We hold the fastest installation time in our industry. An elevator installation company will install your new wall panels faster than you can imagine. This means less downtime for your elevator and more wow time for your riders! If your elevator maintenance company is not the right fit for installing your interiors, contact us and we can provide a referral.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Our elevator wall panels are high-quality and we created this maintenance guide to help you care for your elevator interiors.

Why Elevator Wall Panels from Us?

SnapCab is an established, proven and reliable elevator panel partner. We have more than 15,000 elevator interiors installed across North America and delivering an unparalleled customer experience is part of SnapCab’s core. When you need new interior panels, we’ll have you covered.

Ready to Buy Elevator Interior Panels?

If you have any questions about our options or are interested in speaking with a design specialist, contact us today.

What Are Movable Work Pods?

Today’s open office concepts often create more productivity issues than they solve. One study found that open office concepts led to more text messages, more emails and less interaction and collaboration between coworkers. If you still want an open office concept, you can use movable office Pods to increase productivity while keeping the floor plan you have in mind.

Movable Office Pods

Movable office Pods from SnapCab® are standalone quiet spaces on wheels. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can use them as study areas, phone booths, meeting spaces and more. Additional features of these Pods include:

  • Customization: You can personalize the Pods to fit your office’s design.
  • Easy relocation: Any time you want to create a new layout, you simply wheel the Pods into place.
  • Sound absorption: Open offices include many distractions such as phone calls, employee conversations and background noise. Sound-absorbing Pods from SnapCab can fix that issue.
  • Quick updates: When you update your office or change the decor, you can change your Pod too. Simply switch out the exterior wall panels with a new color or image.

With our Pods, you’ll get all the benefits of open space mixed with the option for privacy. Employees who find an open office concept distracting can work in a Pod, make a phone call or even meet with clients or other co-workers in a quiet space. Your employees’ productivity can soar again with a Pod that lets them get the quiet space they need to work efficiently.

Tips on How to Use Office Pods

There are a variety of ways to make an office feel like home using Pods. Try following these tips on how to use office Pods to create a peaceful and more productive space:

  • Include communal quiet areas: The Pod doesn’t have to be the only quiet space in the office. You can design a section of the office to operate as a quiet area for employees who need it. Adding Pods to that space gives employees more options for privacy.
  • Incorporate seamless furniture: Today’s office spaces use a variety of design styles to make employees feel like they’re at home. With customized Pods, you can add furniture and other decor that makes the office more inviting and creates a seamless look.
  • Remember study areas: Offices aren’t the only spaces that can use Pods. Colleges and libraries can install Pods as study areas for students needing a quiet place, and if it’s appropriate for the kind of work you do, you can include these areas as well.
  • Provide conference rooms: Some meetings require a private space, like performance evaluations and important conference calls. A Pod from SnapCab is the perfect place to hold a private meeting.

Benefits of Movable Office Pods

When you install our movable office Pods, you can start to reap the benefits of them right away. From easy installation and mobility to increased privacy and productivity, Pods will help you upgrade your open office space to one that makes people feel more comfortable. Request more information about our movable office Pods and how they can make your office feel like home.

What is the Best Elevator Cab design?

Is one elevator design better than another? Depending on your business or relevant application, yes. Creating a powerful elevator wall design is an excellent way to make a memorable first impression on your visitors. Since elevator rides are short, they should be especially sweet!

Keep reading to learn more about your different elevator design choices.

Elevator Cabin Design Elements

People end up spending more time in elevators than they think, which is why it’s vital for your elevator to emulate your business. Considering the following elevator cabin design components will help further your vision:

  • Color: What colors do you want to see represented in your elevator? Perhaps they can reflect your logo color schemes.
  • Light: Where do you want your elevator lighting to come from and what type do you prefer? Lighting options include perimeter lighting, diffused fluorescent lights, LED downlights, and more…
  • Brand: How strongly do you want your brand image represented in your elevator? You can showcase your logo, pictures, words or company color scheme.
  • Vibe: How will color, light and brand presence mesh together in your elevator design? Creating an elevator ambiance is an art — when you get it right, it sends an impactful message.

Elevator Cab Wall Design

The walls of your elevator cab should also include unique design elements, such as:

  • Logos: Many companies chose to spotlight their company logo front and center with Gorilla® Glass. Incorporating your logo is an effective way to raise brand awareness and project your company’s voice.
  • Art: Including art in your elevator wall design is a colorful way to boost your cabin aesthetics. Selecting artwork that sends a specific message will also help illustrate your business’s values or services.
  • Patterns: These don’t always work in small spaces, but certain subtle patterns can be a soothing option for your elevator cabin design.

Material Choices for Your Elevator Cab Design

The material you choose for your elevator cab has a direct impact on your visitors’ impression. Choose between:

  • Gorilla® Glass: Modern, futuristic and elegant, Gorilla® Glass is a material perfect for elevating your elevator experience.
  • Stainless Steel: Sleek, shiny and lustrous, stainless steel is eye-catching and calming at the same time.
  • Wood Veneer: Classic, warm and tasteful, wood veneer ads a natural element to your elevator, which is always relaxing.
  • High-Pressure Laminate: Choose from a variety of colors, wood grains, and finishes to create a unique feel for your passengers to enjoy.

Which Elevator Cab Design Is Best for Your Business?

The best design for your company all depends on the look and feel you’re going for and the industry you’re in.

If you run a large business firm, a sophisticated and elegant elevator design will prime your clients for your services. If you own a fun and vibrant children’s space, choosing an engaging wall design is a great choice. For hospitals, keeping the elevator bright and clean is key. For buildings with a range of businesses all under the same roof, try to pick something neutral and aesthetically pleasing.

The design you choose all comes down to how you want your staff and visitors to feel as they ride your elevator.

Ready to Explore the Best Elevator Cab Design for Your Business?

We’ve had more than 15,000 custom elevator designs installed all over the country. If you have any questions about what elevator design would best fit your business, book a free design consultation or contact us today!

SnapCab — Inside the Blueprint

At SnapCab®, we have an amazing variety of products that help businesses across North America. With our innovative designs and dedication to our customers, we know that we can make a difference in your office spaces.

To help you get to know our products, we’re here to give an inside look at our SnapCab® Pods. Offices with open floor plans can struggle. From employees having trouble concentrating and finding privacy to a lack of productivity with too many distractions around the office.

Our Pods are the solution. They will give your employees a quiet place to get their work done, whether they are working alone or with others. Here’s your inside look at this fantastic product.

Guided by Innovation

SnapCab got its start because of our focus on innovation with elevator paneling systems. Our systems cut down the time to install new elevator interiors from several days to just one. These simple systems are easy to install, with only a few tools necessary.

We used that same dedication to innovation to develop our Pods. These small, mobile offices are like nothing else of their kind. They are on wheels, so you can rearrange them in your space as you need to get the most out of your office.

We always keep our customers and other relationships in mind when developing and improving our products. Our goal is to never stop improving our products because we know we can continue to update the design.

Innovation Matched with Simplification

The main benefit of all our products, besides their high quality, is the simplicity in their design and installation. Even after they are installed, their various design and customization options let you find the perfect Pods for your office space.

Each Pod offers optional seating and desk space. You can select different wall panel colors and easily hang up other items inside the Pods. The possibilities are endless with personalizing your Pod.

The Pods also have excellent sound-canceling features. There are sound-absorbing panels on the ceiling and a seal on the doors to further block sounds from coming in or going out. Whether you work better in a quiet environment or need privacy for phone calls or meetings, the Pods are perfect places to go.

The Pod Production Process

We have a streamlined process to produce our amazing Pods. We build them in a few steps and quickly get them ready to ship out.

First, the panels of the Pods get pressed with a laminate to achieve the strength they need to block noise. After pressing, we cut the panels to size and put them through a shaping and drilling machine to ensure they meet exact measurements.

Finally, we hinge the glass door and assemble the Pod. Our expert wrapping and packaging ensure the Pod is safe during transport, and then it’s on its way to your business. When it arrives, you only need to complete the simple assembly, plug it in, and then it’s ready for use.

If you think our Pods will make your office space a more productive and efficient place, check out our different Pod options today to get started.

Video Transcript

Where does innovation come from?

More often than not, it usually stems from a need or a problem that requires a solution.

This is what inspires the engineers, technicians and construction personal at SnapCab.

Having conquered the worlds of elevator interiors and multimedia walls, they’ve set their sights on the open workspace environment where privacy is hard to come by.

And the SnapCab pod can provide a solution.

And as much as the folks at SnapCab pride themselves on innovation, it might be their focus on simplification that sets them apart from the competition.

Hi, I’m Glenn Bostock, CEO and founder of SnapCab.

In 1983, we started a woodworking shop in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Myself and some other college buddies rented a barn, and we started building custom cabinet work.

Pretty soon, we outgrew the barn and we came up with a systematic way to remodel elevators.

It reduced the installation time for elevator mechanics from four days down to one day.

 In 2016, we were approached by a major open office company looking for a way to bring privacy into their open office.

They were looking at our elevator cabs and realized - hey, you guys very nearly have a phone booth here.

If only you could just panel the outside and put some doors on these things.

Apparently, there’s a privacy crisis, with all of these open offices.

People can’t think or focus.

They need small conference rooms where they can collaborate and have private conversations.

 It took one year to develop a prototype.

We went to market and we actually won an award at NeoCon for best of show in that category.

Alright, here’s where the action happens, out on the factory floor.

This is also where I keep my office.

But, before this turns into a pod, a lot of work has to happen to it.

And we’re going to take you through the whole manufacturing process.

And here we have Kyle, my production manager, and he’s going to take you around.

Kyle –

Thanks Glenn.

I’ll show you how to make the pod.

Welcome to the first stage of pod manufacturing.

Panel production.

What we do first, is we place large sheets of flake into our glue and press machine, and press them with any type of laminate that you might see on the outside of a pod.

Once the panels are pressed, they get cut to size on the beam saw.

Once the panels are cut to size, they’re then placed through the shaping and drilling machine.

 So, once the panels are completed, then the glass door is hinged, and brought to the final assembly cell – where the pod is fully assembled.

Once the pod is finished assembly, it’s then brought over to the packaging cell where it’s wrapped and packed.

You thought that orbital wrapper was cool, well now check out our robo-wrapper, ‘Pac-man.’

My favorite thing is how we actually build a pod.

It has a panel on the outside and one on the inside.

You can hang anything you want, you can put anything in there.

You can personalize it and customize it as much as you want.

We have people installing monitors, projectors, anything.

The pod is the only pod in the industry that actually has casters and wheels.

It makes it super easy for you to just put it in place and start using it.

My name is Corinna Mossberg, I’m the president of SnapCab.

 I used to work for one of the major elevator companies where SnapCab was a fantastic supplier.

We’re always promoting being kind, being authentic, being useful and creating value for others – whether it be customers, employees, or any other stakeholders.

The executives at BrandStar, the production company behind inside the blueprint, were so blown away by the pods – they ordered one for themselves.

Corinna, nice to see you again.

Nice to see you again.

Hey, Aaron.

Nice to see you again.

Hey, as promised, here is your SnapCab Pod.

But this is not what you ordered.


This is SnapCab Pod 2.0.

This has all kinds of features, that are just coming out on the market now.

Nice, well you know it, I want to dedicate this pod to one of my special producers.

I’m going to have her come down and take a look at it.


Can you come down for a second? I want to show you something.

Sure, I’ll be right down. Okay.

I know you’ve been working really, really hard – and I know sometimes you need some privacy with your own phone calls and stuff, so we got you this great new SnapCab that is going to be dedicated to you.

For me?

So, it’s going to be Brittany’s pod.

Oh my God, that’s incredible.

Come in, let’s check it out.

Incredible, oh my goodness.

That’s where Scooby’s been.

This is amazing.

It’s nice right?

It’s really nice.

This pod has corning glass on the whiteboard.

Also, there’s acoustic sound absorbing panels.

Check out this door.

This has a triple seal that really blocks the sound.

 So, what gets me up in the morning is really working with the team that I work with.

 We have people that love working together, collaborating, to use our God-given talents to do something useful to benefit other people.

And I feel like my time is really well spent here at SnapCab.

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expensive and dependent on your local talent.

With Gorilla Glass, we haven’t even scratched the surface of possibilities.

Is It Time to Remodel Your Elevator?

Knowing when it’s time to update the interior of your elevator can have substantial returns for your business. As technology progresses, so does elevator innovation. If your elevator cabs look outdated or are starting to show signs of damage, those are two telling signs that remodeling your elevator is in your future. But, how do you start that process?

Keep reading to find out if it’s time for you to remodel your elevator, how to get started and how doing so will benefit your company.


3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Elevator Interior

Paying attention to these three things will signify when the time is right to remodel your elevator:

  • Modernization: If you’ve started to notice the design materials aren’t cutting it, it’s time for an elevator remodeling project to commence! Staying up to date with the modern designs and materials will set your elevator apart from the rest. Today, you can choose from stainless steel, wood veneer, laminate, Gorilla® Glass and other materials. You could even select a mix of materials for an extra “wow” factor.
  • Wear and Tear: A shabby elevator will send the wrong signals to its passengers. When your interior panels start coming loose or showing signs of damage, discoloration or scratching, it’s essential to update the interior of your elevator. Working with a professional elevator interior remodeling company will help elevate your elevator experience to new heights.
  • Brand Representation: Elevators present a real opportunity for your brand to make an impactful first impression on your clients, partners and employees. If your company is looking for ways to improve its brand image and voice, remodeling the elevator is a powerful place to start. Updating your interior materials and customizing the panels with colors and elements that reflect your company’s core mission will make for a lasting impression.

How Will an Elevator Remodel Enhance Your Business?

Since elevators are notable investments in the first place, it’s beneficial to capitalize on their potential to speak for your brand. Giving riders a memorable elevator experience will help solidify your business in their mind as one worth remembering. For brands and business, positive consumer and employee encounters are key to growth and success.

Elevator Interior Remodeling You Can Count On

Since our founding in 1995, our core operations have centered around unmatched customer service and experience. We carry the best quality materials, are home to outstanding design talent and are a proven leader with over 15,000 interiors installed across North America. We want you, your employees, visitors, and partners to enjoy every moment of the elevator ride.

When you inquire about elevator interior remodeling, we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours. SnapCab also delivers free presentation design boards—we gift you sample materials along with an elevator cab rendering to make sure you’re 100 percent confident in your interior update choice.

Ready to Work with a Premier Elevator Interior Design Company?

If you’re ready to elevate your elevator experience by remodeling it, request a quote today!

Which Pod Setup Completes Your Office Design?

Office furniture has undergone a revolution.

Gone are the days of stationary, rectangular desks squeezed inside boxy cubicles. You can wave goodbye to bulky metal file cabinets shoved into corners surrounded by flat fluorescent lights. And you can forget those traditional meeting rooms with long tables and uncomfortable chairs that are somehow always booked — yet for gatherings of two to three people.

Internal office booths and acoustic Pods have changed the game, shifting the way people think about and use space while at work. That rethinking means workers are demanding more flexibility, more mobility and more creativity from office furniture itself, plus its arrangement.

SnapCab® Pods fit right into this movement. Our unique paneling systems and sleek, moveable modules allow you to configure each of the three sizes to your space’s exact needs.

Not sure what those needs may be — and therefore which configuration functions best? We’ve got a few Pod setup suggestions below, plus the atmosphere and workplace behaviors each promotes.

1. Perimeter or Against-the-Wall Pods

One of the most popular and intuitive places we see Pods set up is around the edge of the office.

popular design

Those looking to maximize the innate nature of Pods as stand-alone office privacy booths often do so, through a perimeter configuration. Pods sit out of central locations, removed from louder areas and work spots that contain added distractions like chatty co-workers, break rooms or noisy departmental areas.

In open-concept offices, these noises can be especially burdensome. Pods pushed against office perimeters lend a break when your employees need it most. This very positioning says, “I’m in here to focus,” with Pods separated from the rest of the furniture pack in a notably inconspicuous area.

  • Pod S pushed against the perimeter provides an individual retreat for those needing a break from any surrounding hustle and bustle. An entire wall of Pods S ensures these same individual workstations are available if anyone needs them.
  • Pod M fits two to four people and can provide the same respite for a small group of co-workers working together on a project and in need of an acoustic, sound-absorbing space.
  • Pod L upgrades the collaborative affordances of Pod M. Groups of three to six can comfortably work inside or conduct meetings that require attention and focus, removed from the rest of the office.

2. Strategic and Acoustic Pod Partitions

The portability and innate privacy Pods make them ideal for a second setup idea, one as practical as it is popular in open-concept offices: partitions.

Given their modular build and easy-to-move frames, it’s easy to see why. A handful of Pods side by side, one after the other, creates a wall-like barrier that can afford workspaces several cost-effective spatial arrangements:

  • Designates departments — In the trendy open or semi-open floor plans of today, office partitions are a must. They reduce sound drift, provide much-needed privacy and elevate the layout of the entire room, often at a fraction of the cost of building walls or refurbishing.
  • Denotes activity-based workstations — Activity-based workstations (ABW) provide an alternative to assigned desks in your office layout. Rather than every employee receiving an immovable desk in a static department or area, an ABW design allows them to pick where they want to work that day — or that hour — based on their immediate tasks. ABW gives flexibility and autonomy back to workers and has been shown to positively influence employee mood, as well as physical, social and emotional well-being while at work. SnapCab Pods are the perfect partitions to separate and designate your office’s ABWs.
  • Creates privacy screens and barriers — One side of partition Pods may contain employee workstations, while on the other side is a lounge area outfitted with comfortable couches and a coffee bar. The following row of Pod partitions could help separate sales and IT — two different departments with varying spatial needs, worker preferences, furniture and even technological outfitting. Pods are a natural way to divide these spaces without isolating them.

Privacy pods as partitions for any of the above purposes balance collaboration with privacy, which is something many offices today still struggle with when attempting to give employees the versatile seating and layout options they crave. Too little spatial structuring can create confusion, disorganization and hinder productivity. Linear partition Pods prevent this.

3. L-Arranged Office Furniture Pods

More inventive than traditional linear rows, L-arranged office Pods offer a significant advantage by creating a “huddle-like” atmosphere. The half-open, half-closed space creates an inviting meeting area or go-to collaborative spot with easy access. Participants sit facing one another within the L-huddle the Pods create, an arrangement great for innovative group sessions, brainstorming and intimate team-oriented or departmental projects.

Even individuals working inside the Pods remain connected to their surroundings. The Pods’ tempered glass door provides a clear view of the outside, yet its interior still holds all the acoustic, sound-absorbing Pod features needed in a busy office.

What’s more, L-arrayed Pods work great within smaller offices and workspaces. You can maximize your available square footage without burdening or overcrowding the space — or, worse, filling it with beautiful furniture that doesn’t add any functionality for your employees, or vice versa.

The L-arrangement truly facilitates group problem-solving and identity, as well as inter-office connectivity. You can mix and match the three Pod sizes to create the ideal, eclectic L or align identical booths for a more cohesive look. The choice is up to you — the results of this Pod arrangement can quickly influence your entire work-culture philosophy.

l configuration

  • Productivity — A productive workplace tends to be a more positive one. A more positive workplace, in turn, retains more employees and draws in tomorrow’s talent.
  • ConnectionWork relationships are instrumental to mental and physical health. Higher employee rankings regarding their satisfaction with workplace colleagues also correlate with higher happiness levels, as well as reduced workplace stress and anxiety.
  • Engagement — Employees report more engagement with their job as well as with their employer’s brand and mission when they feel interpersonally connected and supported.
  • Sociability — Workplaces need to be productive. But employees can’t be “on” all hours of the day. A healthy work culture should recognize the need for sociability and curate it through layout hacks — exactly what L-arranged portable Pods can do.

4. Centrally Arranged Sound-Absorbing Office Pods

Centrally arranged Pods are the yin to perimeter Pods’ yang. Instead of lining the exterior of rooms, departments or the entire floorplan with acoustic office Pods, you place those Pods right in the middle.

Centrally located Pods strike the right balance between privacy and casualness. They keep the integrity of an open-floor plan alive, yet help absorb noises and nuisances interrupting productive work.

There are several additional benefits to centrally arranged Pods, as well as a range of functions this configuration allows. Plus, it can provide these functions simultaneously — some other arrangement types may not be able to. All at once, central internal office Pods can create:

  • A breakout space — Not quite a full-fledged conference room and not quite a stuffy, cramped meeting room, the breakout space is a popular choice for offices with a startup-like buzz and the need for impromptu employee gatherings. That energy effortlessly pools into these ultra-collaborative rooms you can build from either a Pod M or Pod L. Because of their central positioning, they’re directly in sight and top of mind for employees who need to grab a spot for the group, quickly and informally.
  • Room partitions — Centrally arranged acoustic office Pods break up the sprawl of an open floor plan. They visually enhance its expanse while divvying up departments, desks or activity-based workstations. Central Pods that act as room partitions also help reduce free-floating noise from disrupting your workers. Because as we all know, all it takes is for one co-worker discussing last night’s game to pull us away from our work.
  • Office phone Pods — Placing a Pod S and Pod M in the middle of a room gives employees a secure, private place to dip into for phone calls, video conferences or to take care of personal matters. They won’t distract others and can do so quickly and conveniently in the quiet, contained space.

5. Pod Clusters

Clusters, or strategic groupings of Pods, provide yet another idea to inspire the ways to set up your office Pods.

In grouping your Pods, you mirror the strategy behind activity-based workstations (ABW). These task-based office layouts prioritize individuals accomplishing their work where they best see fit — therefore catalyzing what they get done in a day.

Offices outfitted with an ABW layout tend to work best with equally flexible and adaptive office furniture. That means moving away from heavy, stationary desks and into more creative office seating and meeting solutions — exactly what Pods S, M and L afford.

By extension, Pod clusters free groups of employees as well as individuals to work privately where and when they like. Workers can arrange and rearrange multiple Pods to face different directions on a convenience or preferential basis. Since they’re free-standing and reconfigurable, you aren’t committed to one look with one set of booths. Add one or two, or take one or two away.

  • Aesthetically, Pod clusters create a cozy atmosphere like eclectic arrangements of office furniture. They help break the office layout mold of linear rows of identical furniture, as listless as it is uninspiring. Pod clusters also align with the resimercial design trend that’s exploded in popularity over the past few years, where personalized, homey pops and touches brighten and enliven a workspace. Think patterned wall panels, colorful furniture, throw pillows and unique light fixtures, which SnapCab can fabricate Pod panels to match.
  • Functionally, Pod clusters promote greater creativity, flexibility and connectivity in the workplace. They encourage interaction and mobility, handing choice back to employees on which furniture best complements their work styles. The closeness of the clusters assures individuals remain connected to their surroundings, but can still have a laser-focused work spot, while the overall cluster structure supports groups breaking apart and coming back together to accomplish a project.

6. Private Office Alternatives

Due to its size, SnapCab’s Pod L can complete another vital office layout feature: private offices.

With office space at a premium these days, many companies — particularly startups — find it difficult to rent the square footage they need with the budget they have. It’s an understandable and relatively common problem in today’s commercial real estate across the nation’s largest markets.

internal quiet places

Sound-absorbing, internal quiet space Pods provide the solution. If renting a space with pre-set offices is too expensive, Pods provide a cost-effective alternative. A Pod L is large enough to accommodate the staple furniture and necessities of an office — the desk, chairs, lights and even small filing cabinets or storage.

Across various office spaces and floor-plan types, an internal office Pod can help create the following:

  • A heightened sense of professionalism and legitimacy when new clients visit
  • A formal, assigned desk space for upper management and executive personnel
  • An official, enclosed but unassigned desk space option for employees to use
  • A more secure place for senior executives and upper management to conduct private, higher-level tasks and conversations
  • The maximization of office square footage, particularly for open-concept layouts
  • More productivity and employee task efficiency, as enclosed offices allow for the utmost privacy and concentration to take place

7. Lone Privacy Pods

Single Pods dispersed across the office lend a final layout option, bringing these versatile booths to life in your space.

Pods offer respite away from the noise, distractions and disturbances that fill the workday. While a few work breaks are inevitable — and even healthy — too many disrupt our momentum and can cause us to produce inferior or even erroneous work.

Solo activities that require hyper focus and attention for most — such as writing reports, creating presentations, drafting pitches, designing a new logo, writing new code or sending important emails — need spaces that support these functions, but in a holistic manner.

It’s not enough to be secluded. True productivity in the workplace also requires maximum levels of quiet, proper lighting, comfortable seating and visual-stimuli reduction all coming together to unlock full worker efficiency. Not every piece of office furniture can do this, plus provide productivity-boosting features like plug-and-play technology and motion-activated lights.

You can disperse single S, M or L Pods into remote office corners, against the walls or in dedicated, centralized floor spots. Create a usage policy or communicate these privacy Pods are for dedicated solo work, the ideal sound-absorbing spaces for high productivity. Sitting in one signals your commitment to your task at hand. Others will know to reach out or check back in with you later, maintaining worker harmony and ensuring you are meeting everyone’s privacy needs.

Pod Office Booths Are the Sound-Absorbing, Privacy-Boosting Benefit to Your Office Layout

The perfect arrangement is only a few clicks away. Explore our gallery of SnapCab Pods in a range of customizations and configurations, then book a free design consultation to bring your portable privacy Pod ideas to life.

Or, you can reach out directly to one of our design representatives online or at 888-766-7834. Let’s find the perfect Pod configuration for you.

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What Does Your Elevator Say About Your Business?

The technology innovations that are shaping our world today are also impacting the elevator industry. Whether you run a big or small business, the message your elevator sends to both your employees, clients, partners and investors matters. A slow, outdated elevator often leads to impatience and frustration. Incorporating a custom elevator design is a chance to offer individuals a memorable experience.

So, what does your elevator say about your business? In short, everything. The goal of your elevator should be to embody your company. Keep reading to learn how hiring an elevator design company can improve your business.

How Custom Elevator Interiors Strengthen Your Brand Image

Creating your brand to be unmistakable and recognizable throughout your office is essential. Hiring a custom interior design company is an effective way to make a remarkable and notable impression. Here are a few reasons investing in professional designed elevator interiors matters for your business:

  • Opportunity to Wow: Give your riders a custom elevator interior to remember. Custom elevator designs offer you unlimited creative potential. We’ve incorporated epic logo designs into office headquarters like Google and used beautiful materials like wood and Gorilla® Glass in some of the over 15,000 elevators we help to update across the country. People get excited in spectacular elevators. When you work with SnapCab on a custom elevator design, we help you decide how to represent your “wow” factor.
  • Enhance Your Brand: Following along the same vein as wowing your customers with your design, custom elevator interiors also enhance your brand image. It’s important that as people wait in your elevator, they feel surrounded by your brand. Crafting a powerful elevator ambiance will project your company’s voice. If someone is visiting your building for the first time, a short elevator ride can be an excellent way for them to spend 15 seconds getting to know your business and what it stands for.
  • Stay Innovative, Be Innovative: Having the fastest, most up-to-date elevator is a plus. Keeping up with custom designed elevators and technology will help your business stand out and stay current with other elevator technologies. Our professionally designed elevator interiors are cutting-edge and inventive. Our elevator interior designs will help you lead the way when it comes to your lift experience.

About SnapCab® Custom Elevator Designs

We believe in elegant and purposeful simplicity. SnapCab offers unparalleled design and builds quality for all our custom elevator interiors. Our mission is to craft unique designs that emulate the brand voice and imagine of our clients and elevate their transportation experience.

Delivering an unmatched customer experience and support is at our core. That’s why we respond to your elevator quote requests within 24 hours and offer complimentary elevator vision boards. We want you to see and feel the materials you choose whether it’s stainless steel, wood veneer, laminate, Gorilla® Glass or a mix.

Ready to Work with a Premier Elevator Interior Design Company?

If you’re ready to elevate your elevator experience, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!