About Us

Built on a foundation of innovation and quality, SnapCab pioneered the elevator interior system and continues to redefine it one cab at a time.

Cathedral Display (pictured left) Glenn designed for Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

A History of Craftsmanship

SnapCab opened its doors in 1995, but the roots of the company stretch back decades before that. As a child, founder Glenn Bostock spent hour after hour in his parents’ basement giving scraps of wood new life, preparing for a career as a master craftsman.

Glenn went on to attend Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and earned a degree in Fine Woodworking. He added an apprenticeship at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, where he crafted ecclesiastical furniture, to his growing resume.
In 1983, Glenn tried his hand at a different kind of building: building a company. He opened his own shop, specializing in high-end furniture and custom cabinets. He hadn’t set out to revolutionize the elevator interior world – but that’s what happened. How?

Glenn began to renovate elevator interiors. His father, Peter G. Bostock, was a partner in an elevator maintenance company, and he saw an unfilled need. Very few people were involved in renovating these interiors, and this presented a significant opportunity for Glenn.

First Shop

A Legacy of Innovation

It was an opportunity Glenn seized, but as he completed more and more elevator interior projects over the next seven years, he realized that the process was needlessly complex and time-consuming. It was not uncommon for Glenn to take an entire week to laboriously renovate an interior.

There had to be a better way. Turns out there wasn’t – so Glenn created one. He put his skills and experience to work and developed a patented system of interlocking panels. Not only did it simplify the job, it lowered cost and improved quality.

SnapCab was born. Today, over 80 professionals work to ensure each step of the process, from design to ordering to installation, is streamlined and simple. Our patented systems are found in elevators all over North America, and we remain as driven – and obsessed – by quality and innovation as we were on Day 1.

The SnapCab Difference

Three pairs of shoes

SnapCab believes in simplifying elevator interiors. We put ourselves in your shoes so we can anticipate your needs and innovate new ways to meet them. We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes, anticipating and fulfilling their needs. Finally, we put ourselves in our employees’ shoes to make sure we are doing things the right way, every time.

A trash bag

With a SnapCab system, you can be assured that we sweat each and every detail. We think of everything you need to effectively and efficiently install an interior – right down to the drill bits for installation and the garbage bag for clean-up – and set you up for success by providing the best resources, tools, and support in the industry.

A zipper

In order for a zipper to work, a series of events has to happen systematically. As systems go, it’s one of the best – simple, repeatable. And that’s what we strive to achieve everyday. If something is complex, we simplify it. If it doesn’t work for everyone, every time, we fix it. If it is not streamlined, we remove the speed bumps.