The power of threes

The Power of Threes article

Innovative partnership between ETI, Panasonic and SnapCab result in great potential for themed entertainment. On the face of it, there wouldn’t seem to be much in common between ETI, Panasonic and SnapCab. But the three companies have come together with an idea already taking root in the business world, with hopes of inspiring creative designers to develop new themed entertainment applications. The concept is based on the SnapCab Pod – a modular office space designed by Glenn Bostock. Originally a cabinet maker by trade, Bostock started remodeling elevators in the Philadelphia area. He started using Corning’s Gorilla Glass product inside elevators to provide a sleek modern feel. A colleague then recommended he take the idea of an elevator interior and turn it into a multipurpose moveable mini conference room, and the SnapCab idea was born.

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