The Office Space of the Future

SnapCab images highlighting SnapCab office meeting pods and other third party products such as Allied Commercial Heat Pumps.

With new workspace offerings featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, collaboration is coming to an office space near you! The workplace is getting a makeover. With the advent of digital technology and seamless connectivity, your traditional office environment is a soon-to-be distant memory. Say goodbye to cubicles. Modular workspaces and collaborative surfaces that can accommodate one person to multiple people for an impromptu meeting, phone call, or brainstorm session are becoming the hub of productivity. And Corning® Gorilla® Glass is at the center of this collaborative-oriented workspace environment. For nearly four years, Corning has worked with SnapCab®, a paneling system company, to develop office spaces of the future. Leveraging the benefits of Gorilla Glass, SnapCab has been designing products for a variety of interior applications, which now include their Pod and Portal offerings.

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